Stepping into Sacred Space Fayetteville, Arkansas

waterfall and bridge
November 12-14
There is a place where words are born of silence,
A place where the whispers of the heart arise.

These transformation gatherings invite you into a new worldview.
By stepping into sacred space you can explore
dreams, dialogues, oracles and intuition—Wisdom’s whispers
There will be 3 stand-alone events which can be experienced individually or together.

An Evening with Isaiah: You are more than you can see
Thursday November 12, 7-9 PM
Isaiah, a well-loved Invisible Presence, is a mentor and guide. Jo and Isaiah met in the late 1970’s. They invite you to join them for an evening of joy and laughter. People report breakthroughs and insights—the result of Isaiah’s simple wisdom.
While this idea may seem strange to modern, scientifically trained minds, it is supported by experiences older than time. Spending time with Isaiah, invites you into transformational experiences.

Stepping into Sacred Space
Friday November 13, 2015 7 – 9 PM
This gathering encourages you to re-view your world.
Welcome Wisdom and knowledge, seen and unseen.
expand your relationship with Wisdom that goes beyond your current ideas.
Bring a journal; the work is all about you.

Building Bridges—Creating Healing Alliances
Saturday August 14, 10AM – 4 PM
Step into a sacred healing space,
following your longing to know more.
Unveil hidden guidance, live into the wisdom of your heart,
as you listen to whispered longings.
Awaken an expanded experience
of your Self, the world and those around you.
You are inviting healing alliances.
These alliances within your Self and with others can change your experience the world.
Pre-registration is necessary
Early Registration before November 7

For questions or to register contact Jo at 512-680-1540 or
PayPal, Credit Card, Checks, or Cash

Individual Session with Jo & Isaiah –
Thursday, Friday, & Sunday
We are setting a limited number of individual sessions contact Libby
Pre registration is necessary for either an hour session ($125)
For questions or to schedule private session contact Jo at 512-680-1540

Jo Todd, PhD’s unique work blends spirituality, depth psychology, ceremony, and recovery. Drawing on more than 4 decades of experience she acts as a teacher, mentor and guide. This blended process is therapeutic and healing. It helps you deepen, expand, and enriches you: as you collect lost pieces of yourself. Some describe her as a spiritual mid-wife, birthing soul into the world one person at a time. In addition to being the founding director for The Healing Alliance in 1983, she is President of Jung Society of Austin and a member of the Board of Directors for the Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association. For more information about her current work see

Coming Soon: North Texas in November!
2016 – New Mexico, Oklahoma, Virginia, New York, LA, San Francisco,

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