Jo’s clients embark on a soul pursuit, a quest to answer the question, ” How do I become more my self?”

They step into an awakened space, found by weaving the sacred into everyday living. Each person is encouraged to find their unique place, and expand their experiences of reason meaning and purpose.

Clients learn to listen to guidance from dreams, oracles, synchronicity, dialogues and even symptoms. They journey through forgotten landscapes, so  they can grow toward more wholeness, health and healing. They develop a practice that re-weaves them into the web of life, pays attention to nature’s rhythm, and invite guidance by engaging with the Mystery.

Jo’s work, which midwife’s soul into the world one person at a time, is off the map. She works  as a teacher and healer creating a sacred, therapeutic experience that combines spirituality, depth psychology, 12 Step Recovery and  ceremony. Her clients’ dare, acknowledging and following Wisdom’s whispers. They weave infinite possibilities into life, follow their soul’s pursuit  and realize they carry unique gifts.Gifts that sometimes seem like liabilities.

For more information about groups, retreats and private sessions see her website: jotoddphd.com

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