A Time of Hopeful Challenges

Hello my dear one

Welcome to this most auspicious time

This is a time that asks, some would say requires,

you see what is most precious and valuable to you.

It is a time of practicing small, incremental steps in your awakening –

an endless journey toward wholeness.

Now you are more able to see,

as there is a lightening in the shadowy times just past.

Seeing what is valuable, precious, and significant

what is calling you awake.

You are unwilling to be led by dreadful stories of gloom and disaster, hopelessness and terror–even though it seems all around you.

I am not suggesting you don rose color glasses and deny the very serious conditions needing attention today.

Rather I am saying you have innate, hidden, powerful connections.

Connections meant to be harvested each day.

Connections that nourish you, inspire you, and lead you.

Connections that change you, the way you see the world,

and the contributions you make.

Together we can consider these connections,

practice and expand a more awakened response to yourself, family, and the world.

Small steps, filled with hopeful challenges, invite you to more fully embrace life and breathe hope into the world

God Bless you and good day,

Isaiah and Friends

Sunday Afternoon with Isaiah & Friends

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December 27  1-4 PM MST

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Isaiah is an invisible presence and teacher dedicated to awakening and enlightening.