Sunday Afternoon with Isaiah in Austin: December 20, 1-4 PM CST

Hello my dear friends,

Good day to you, good day
This is a most auspicious time of year, is it not?
A time of counting blessing, of great gratitude and love
A time meant to invite reflection, introspection and rebirth
A time of letting go of old worn out hates, fear and despair as well as past successes
It is a time for emptying out,
holding in more awareness,
what doesn’t work and what does.

A most magical time
filled with possibilities as you prepare to begin again.
Do not fear looking clearly at yourself
as you decide what to give away and what can stay.
You are preparing the way, welcoming a more holy, precious connection–more of you.
Rest in the Peace of each moment as you prepare to re-new.

God bless you and good day,

Isaiah & Friends

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