Letters from the Trail

One of the gifts of the internet is sharing stories. I had the opportunity to re-read Betsy’s “Letter from the Trail”. She is a friend who last summer journeyed 211 miles on a solo trek on the John Muir Trail ! I would call it a pilgrimage, a ceremony, an initiation, and more. You know that kind of “more” that has no words, and yet she finds them, describing parts of the journey in photo’s, simplicity and depth. It is remarkable and has, as she mentions in the beginning “shifted the hard machinery of my perspective”. Amazing

Musings on Psyche and Nature

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve written in this blog, so rather than try and quickly whip something up, I thought I’d post a couple of letters I initially wrote for personal friends about my recent solo trek on the John Muir Trail. I received such encouraging responses from these letters, I thought they might merit sharing with a wider audience. In any case, it feels really good to post them here as a reminder to myself of just how much this hike shifted the hard machinery of my perspective. Things really look different coming off the trail. More precious, slower, indifferent to the chatter of newsreels and political gossip. The first letter was written before the hike, and the second was written shortly after the hike, but both were inspired by the hike and thus, the title, “Letters from the Trail”. Thanks for reading.

Letter #1, Sent July…

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